To provide competitive and recreational soccer options for women of a wide range of ages and experience in the Greater Hartford region.
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Welcome to West Hartford Women's Soccer Club's home page.  To find out more information please click on the About WHWSC tab on the horizontal menu bar.  The League is open to adult women age 21 and older.
Executive Board Volunteers Needed

The West Hartford Women’s Soccer Club is looking for members to fill the executive board positions. Anyone can run for any position, but we need people to run for Secretary, Division A and Division B Coordinators. A description of each position is below, but please email Abby Wrinn with any questions. If interested in a position, please email Abby Wrinn at 


The President shall:

a. Preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and the League.

b. Have general supervision of the affairs of the League.

c. Be a member ex-officio of all Standing Committees, except for Nominating Committee.

d. Act as League liaison with the Town of West Hartford, especially with regard to field permits,

field conditions and availability of game and practice fields.

e. Coordinate game and practice schedules.

The Vice President shall:

a. In the event of the absence, resignation or incapacity of the President or in the event the

President shall be unable to act, assume the office and duties of the President.

b. Supervise any Standing Committees authorized by the Executive Committee (such as

committees to manage Pre-Season Conditioning Clinics, End-of-Year Party, Publicity, Audit

Review, Grievances).

c. Solicit sponsors and purchase necessary uniforms and equipment.

d. Be liaison with coaching personnel.

The Treasurer shall:

a. Be the custodian of the League's funds. She shall deposit the same in such banking

institution(s) as the Executive Committee shall authorize. The account(s) shall (i) be in the

League's name and (ii) require the signatures of the President and Treasurer to make


b. Be responsible for the deposit, safekeeping and disbursement of all funds of the League, and

for keeping accurate financial records, including the filing of any necessary tax-related forms.

c. Submit a full report of all receipts and expenditures and assets on hand at the Annual Meeting

of the League and make such other reports as may be required

d. Prepare a budget of proposed annual expenditures for presentation and approval of the

Board of Directors.

e. Work with Referee Assignor for scheduling and paying referees.

The Secretary shall:

a. Record and distribute a summary of the minutes of all official meetings to all members of the

Board of Directors;

b. Announce all meetings as required in the By-Laws;

c. Maintain a current copy of the By-Laws; and

d. Produce and distribute correspondence from the Executive Committee to all members of the


The Division A Coordinator and the Division B Coordinators

(the “Division Coordinators”), in

each case for their respective divisions, shall:

a. Moderate among the division’s Team Reps and act as an intermediary communicator

between the Team Reps she represents and the Executive Committee;

b. Facilitate, oversee and direct the draft/team assignment (as applicable) process for her

respective division all in accordance with the Registration Guidelines, which shall include

adherence to registration deadlines, which Registration Guidelines shall be reviewed, amended

and approved by the Board of Directors.

c. With the approval of the Team Reps and the Executive Board, facilitate and oversee divisionspecific

modifications or developments, moderate Team Rep meetings and inform the Executive

Committee members on issues concerning her respective division and its constituent Team

Reps, teams and individual participants.

d. With the approval of the Team Reps and the Executive Board, determine “policies of play”

applicable to her Division. The Division Coordinator shall apply and manage such policies at her

discretion. Such “policies of play” shall encompass any policy relating or applying exclusively to

that division including, without limitation, playing down numbers, applicability of FIFA (as defined

herein) rules and length of play periods.

e. Be consulted by the President in setting the game schedule; and

f. Assist the President, as necessary, in scheduling makeup games


by posted 08/10/2014
Committee Volunteers Needed

The West Hartford Women’s Soccer Club is looking for players to volunteer their time on a committee. We are looking for people to be the chair of committees as well as volunteer to assist with a committee. Please contact Abby Wrinn at   if interested.

by posted 08/10/2014
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